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Your Way Out Bail Bonds is the fastest way out of jail - we come to you!

Signature bonds payment plans and free bail info 24 hours. We offer no collateral (o.a.c.) and we have an agent on duty 24 hours. Your Way Out Bail Bonds offers the lowest rates available and we are reliable and confidential. All courts and all jails bail arranged over the phone. 100% financing for homeowners with rebates available (conditions apply). We also offer union members discounts. All collect calls accepted with only 4% down.

Serving: South Bay, Long Beach area, Downey,Norwalk, Long Beach Cerritos Lakewood, Hermosa,Lawndale, Carson, Redondo Beach, Venice Beach,Huntington Beach, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica,Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita,Sylmar, Beverly Hills, Century City, Culver City andMalibu.

With us you are never alone

The bail bond agents a client will encounter are professionals, they will assist with posting bail at locations such as police departments, the county sheriffs department and also at the county jails. One of the other professional services this bail bond agent can offer is posting the bail bond to the court. There are other ways this bail agent is able to post bail for the person who is in jail, such as posting the bail bond through a bail bond company nationwide to ensure the person will have bail posted.

Posting Bail Bond Can Be Affordable

We understand that while a person is detained they are not able to work, this can make their personal situation difficult. They will not be able to support themselves, their family or prepare for their defense in court.

Ethical Standards

We can proudly say we have the highest ethical standards and because of this we study each clients situation to see if posting a bail bond is the wisest option. This is because in many cases bail can be reduced or even eliminated by the court when the defendant remains in custody for as short as twenty-four hours longer. In a case like this we would be remiss in using our services to post a bail bond at a higher cost or for a person that would not need these services.


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The Importance of Bail Bonds

In a perfect world, if a crime even occurred and someone was arrested for it, the trial would be short and sweet; hear both sides of the story, sentence or acquit. However, the world is not as rosy and trials in the current American legal system often take weeks, even months. ...more

Why use bail bonds?

The answer is, "Because it's simple and fast!" Next question? Why keep your friend or family member in custody when you could pick up the phone, make a call, or submit your information on our internet site and start the process? ...more

Get your bond approved in minutes

We know when you call a bail bond company for help you don't want to be turned down. If you think you aren't credit worthy, or perhaps you don't own a home to put up for collateral, think again - we will help! ...more